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As a Reels Content Planner. My job involves choosing and improving reels by adding on-screen text, music, hashtags, trimming clips, changing the pace, and writing captions. I've managed Facebook pages for popular content creators like Biz Mike, the Herberts, and Albert Can Cook to mention a few. 

Here is my success story when it comes to Biz Mike. When I began creating Biz Mike's page from scratch, he had zero followers on his Facebook page. But with careful planning and execution, he now has over 100k followers and 31k likes on his page. Link to his page

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I can't stop laughing at how they looking at me 😂😂 #comedy #comedyreels #funnyreels #funnyvideos #laughs #reels 

Meet Biz Mike, a talented comedian whose content revolves around skillfully stitching together funny or bizarre videos. His unique approach involves reacting to these videos with hilarious facial expressions, adding an extra layer of humor to his Reels. When I created his first post, it quickly gained an impressive 1 million plays within two weeks. This viral success became one of the main reasons for the explosive growth of his page.

Reels Insights

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Overview Insights: 22 May - 29 July 2023

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