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Content Creator

My name is Thulisa Sigwabe. I am an experienced Video Content Creator and now a Social Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here is a video introduction about myself. Please press play to begin. 

Video Optimisation Examples 

Video reel examples that got over 1 million plays while working at Blue Clip for Jellysmack.

Optimised by adding text on-screen/emojis, subtitles, video captions, trimming of clips and trending hashtags. These are a few account examples I have managed.

Got over a million plays within a week. Click here for link

Currently on 5 million plays.

Click here for link

Currently on 2.8 million plays.

Click here for link


Video Reels Example for Aristo Sourcing

I previously held the position of Content Creator at Aristo Sourcing for WP Hub and Virtual Staff SA. In this role, I specialised in producing engaging social media videos designed for YouTube and social media reels. My responsibilities included both filming and editing, as well as incorporating various elements such as subtitles, on-screen text, graphics, and sourcing royalty-free music tailored to the specific platform's requirements.




Mooi Nooi, South Africa


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 14.07.28.png


And Then There Was Fire

Reels & TikTok Trends & Creative

As a content creator with a strong creative eye, I love experimenting with videos, combining content in entertaining and innovative ways. From using trending music to exploring various filters and effects, I enjoy pushing the boundaries to find the perfect fit. By keeping up with social trends, testing strategies, and optimization methods, I continuously strive to maximize the reach of the content I create


Video Show Reel

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