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Content Creator

My name is Thulisa Sigwabe. I am an experienced Video Content Creator and now a Social Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here is a video introduction about myself. Please press play to begin. 

Video Optimisation Examples 

Video reel examples that got over 1 million plays while working at Blue Clip for Jellysmack.

Optimised by adding text on-screen/emojis, subtitles, video captions, trimming of clips and trending hashtags. These are a few account examples I have managed.

Got over a million plays within a week. Click here for link

Currently on 5 million plays.

Click here for link

Currently on 2.8 million plays.

Click here for link




Mooi Nooi, South Africa


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 14.07.28.png


And Then There Was Fire

Reels & TikTok Trends & Creative

As a content creator with a strong creative eye, I love experimenting with videos, combining content in entertaining and innovative ways. From using trending music to exploring various filters and effects, I enjoy pushing the boundaries to find the perfect fit. By keeping up with social trends, testing strategies, and optimization methods, I continuously strive to maximize the reach of the content I create


Video Show Reel

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