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As a Social Media Manager for Biz Mike. My role involved choosing and improving reels by adding on-screen text, music, hashtags, trimming clips, changing the pace, and writing captions to grab the audience's attention.  

Biz Mike is my success story as I created his Facebook page from scratch with zero followers and it has more than 2 million followers while handling his content. I started handling his page in May 2023 until now. His videos average views of 500k views to more than a million each week. whether it is reels or longer content. He is making an average of $500-600 dollars per month based on ads on revenue through Facebook. 

 Link to his page


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Video Reel Ads for Social

Reyka, South Africa

Reyka, South Africa

Idols South Africa

Big Brother Mzansi (South Africa)

Video Reel 

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