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Welcome To Conversations With Thuli


Welcome to Conversations with Thuli. This is a platform where you can come to practice your English speaking skills. This is not a school or institution, but rather a place where you can practice speaking English with someone who is fluent in the language.


A bit about me: my name is Thulisa (pronounced as To-Lisa), or Thuli (Too-leigh). I am South African and I speak three languages: English, Xhosa, and Zulu. I am a video content creator and social media manager. The reason I started Conversations with Thuli is to help people improve their English speaking skills and to become more confident speakers. I believe that people improve their language skills through practice and familiarity with the language.


1. Choose your conversation duration: Select from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or one hour, each with its corresponding price.


2. Topic flexibility: We can discuss anything you'd like, and it's a perfect opportunity to ask language-related questions.


3. Voice call format: Conversations will be conducted via voice call, with your camera turned off for your comfort.


4. Payment methods: All payments are processed through Wise or Paypal. Make sure to have the necessary apps installed based on your country.


5. Confirmation process: Your appointment will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


6. Booking your slot: Once confirmed, you can reserve your preferred date and time for our conversation.

All bookings are in the South African Time Zone. (GMT+2)

To schedule a later booking time, you can shoot me an email at

7. Use your name as a reference

8. This is a practising how-to-speak English learning platform. Please be respectful. If found that you are being disrespectful the conversation will be terminated and no refund shall be given. 


15 minutes Conversation


30 minutes Conversation


1 Hour Conversation


All Prices are in South African Rands 

Wise Details:


Paypal Details:

+27 83 413 2040

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