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And then there was  fire


And then there was fire, is a restaurant in Krugersdorp at the Nirox Sculpture Park.

It is 45 minutes away from Johannesburg and Pretoria. 20-30 minutes if you live around Northriding, Honeydew or Clearwater. If you enjoy the scenic feel around you and would like a quiet getaway that’s quite secluded from city life, this is one of the restaurants you should check out.


The aesthetic of the restaurant is monochromatic of natural wood that fades into white. 

It gives it a calm and relaxed feel, with great lighting and the feeling of space around you. 

Video Optimisation Examples 

Video reel examples that got over 1 million plays while working at Blue Clip for Jellysmack.

Optimised by adding text on-screen/emojis, subtitles, video captions, trimming of clips and trending hashtags. These are a few account examples I have managed.

Got over a million plays within a week. Click here for link

Currently on 5 million plays.

Click here for link

Currently on 2.8 million plays.

Click here for link

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